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The Data Recovery Services of Internet Desk, Inc.

Free Cleanroom Evaluation Our Free Evaluation Service for data recovery is here for you to take advantage of.

A Free Consultation via E-mail should be your first step. This is not limited to a single e-mail exchange, but as many as it takes to make sure that everyone involved understands the specifics of your data recovery needs. Please use our Help! E-Mail Form to begin this process. We also invite you to take advantage of a free telephone consultation by calling us at 214-470-5070.

A Free Bench Evaluation is also available for your use. With your hard drive (or other media) in hand we can quote a firm price for recovery. Prior to accepting this or any other quote, you are under no obligation.

Our "No Data, No Fee" Policy of long standing is still in place. When we have completed our bench/cleanroom evaluations and supply you with a written quote, you will also find that it will contain our no-fee-if-we-fail promise. Our commitment is to recover your data in usable form. In the rare cases where this promise does not apply, it will be spelled out in writing at the time of the quote.

You Will Not Be Liable For Any Cost that you are not made aware of in writing. If you send in your drive along with the paperwork for a free evaluation, you will not be charged any fees for any services without first being provided a written quote for your approval. You will not even be charged for return shipping costs.

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Data Intensive Care Unit
10440 N. Central Expressway, 8th Floor
Dallas, Texas 75231

Phone: 214-470-5070

About us: Data Recovery Dallas Texas is a long-standing provider of data recovery services on the net. Since 1993, we have been providing the Internet community with quality data recovery services. We support all types of media from failed hard disk drives, external drives, floppy drive diskettes, Zip drives, CD media, tapes, flash cards, RAID configurations, and virtually every device where data is stored; we can help recover and rebuild your data. Therefore, if your looking for the fastest and best data recovery service, we invite you to bookmark now. - Thank you!

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